• Come and discover high mountain skydiving !

    We jump all year round, come and enjoy an exceptional view of the wonderful Mont Blanc massif! Contact us!

Skydive in front of the Mont Blanc !

You dream of jumping somewhere spectacular, above the snowcapped mountains ?

Then dive into this incredible adventure in Mont Blanc country !


We’re here for you!

We are delighted to welcome you again!
For your safety and ours, wearing a mask is mandatory for the duration of the jump and in the helicopter.
The equipment is fully disinfected between each jump.
We will give you all the necessary information when you book.

Consult the Jump Calendar without delay and book now.


The team is led by Claud Remide

B.E.E.S.1 : 031.00.0232
(issued by the Ministry of Youth and Sports)
Professional skydiver : PA 584.13
(certified by the Ministry of Civil Aviation)
SIRET number :  448 162 859 00012
PAC qualification : n° 038.01.0203
Tandem qualification : n° Q 2003.031.042
Professional sports instructor card :
n° 07404EDO100
(issued by the prefecture of the Haute-Savoie)

Packs and rates


Mont-Blanc Skydive

€ 520.-

per person

Jump only.
(Without video or photos)

Decreasing rates
€ 510.- / 2 persons
€ 500.- / 4 persons
€ 490.- / 6 persons

(All rates are per person)


Mont Blanc Skydive

€ 590.-

per person

Jump with video.
(Ground – Helicopter – Flight – Jump – Landing)

Decreasing prices
€ 580.- / 2 people
€ 570.- / 4 people
€ 560.- / 6 people

(All prices are per person)


Mont Blanc Skydive

€ 620.-

per person

Jump with video and photos.
(Ground – Helicopter – Flight – Jump – Landing)

Decreasing prices
€ 610.- / 2 people
€ 600.- / 4 people
€ 590.- / 6 people

(All prices are per person)


€ 1’240.-

per person

Embedded video
Professional Parachutist Photographer, accompanies you and
photographs / films your jump

Photos & video of all your adventure
(in addition to the embedded video)

(Ground – Helicopter – Flight – Jump – Landing)
You are alone in the helicopter with your pilot, your instructor and your cameraman / photographer
Video editing of all your adventure

Mont-Blanc Skydive

Want to offer an original, unexpected, amazing gift?

A skydive for a birthday, a party, or any other exceptional occasion.
Offer emotion to those you love. They will keep an unforgettable memory of this day.

Now, it’s your turn !


  • By contacting us, you agree with our terms of use. Please read them carefully.
  • You can contact us directly by phone, by e-mail, or by using our quick form below, in order to pre-book your jump.
  • The dates available for a pre-booking are available on our calendar by clicking here. These dates are indicative, we will contact you in all cases to set a final dates.
  • The final dates are also dependent on the weather conditions and emergency response of the helicopters.
  • We blew the children out 12 years old, but from a sufficient build to be well kept in the harness.
  • The maximum weight supported is 90kg.
  • Payment by check or cash only.

eMail :

Phone (France) :
+33 782 201 869

Contact adress
(mails, checks, etc) :

Mont-Blanc Skydive / Petit Troll
5 Rue Colle-Umberto
74330 La Balme de Sillingy

Address of the venue :

C/O Chamonix Mont-Blanc Hélicoptères

400 chemin de la Glacière
74400 Argentière

Your checks must be addressed to our contact address !