Skydive in front of the Mont Blanc !

You dream of jumping somewhere spectacular, above the snowcapped mountains ?

Then dive into this incredible adventure in Mont Blanc country !


The team is led by Claud Remide

B.E.E.S.1 : 031.00.0232
(issued by the Ministry of Youth and Sports)
Professional skydiver : PA 584.13
(certified by the Ministry of Civil Aviation)
SIRET number :  448 162 859 00012
PAC qualification : n° 038.01.0203
Tandem qualification : n° Q 2003.031.042
Professional sports instructor card :
n° 07404EDO100
(issued by the prefecture of the Haute-Savoie)

Mont-Blanc parachutisme

Packs and rates


Mont-Blanc parachutisme

€ 490.-

per person

On board video

Decreasing rates
€ 470.- / 2 persons
€ 460.- / 4 persons
€ 450.- / 6 persons

(All rates are per person)


€ 1’170.-

per person

Embedded video
Professional Parachutist Photographer, accompanies you and photographs / films your jump
HD photos & video of all your adventure
(in addition to the embedded video)
(Ground – Helicopter – Flight – Jump – Landing)
You are alone in the helicopter with your pilot, your instructor and your cameraman / photographer
Video editing of all your adventure

Want to offer an original, unexpected, amazing gift?

A skydive for a birthday, a party, or any other exceptional occasion.
Offer emotion to those you love. They will keep an unforgettable memory of this day.

Now, it’s your turn !


  • By contacting us, you agree with our terms of use. Please read them carefully.
  • You can contact us directly by phone, by e-mail, or by using our quick form below, in order to pre-book your jump.
  • The dates available for a pre-booking are available on our calendar by clicking here. These dates are indicative, we will contact you in all cases to set a final dates.
  • The final dates are also dependent on the weather conditions and emergency response of the helicopters.
  • We blew the children out 12 years old, but from a sufficient build to be well kept in the harness.
  • The maximum weight supported is 90kg.

eMail :

Phone (France) :
+33 782 201 869

Contact adress
(mails, checks, etc) :

Mont-Blanc Skydive / Petit Troll
5 Rue Colle-Umberto
74330 La Balme de Sillingy

Address of the venue :

C/O Chamonix Mont-Blanc Hélicoptères

400 chemin de la Glacière
74400 Argentière

Your checks must be addressed to our contact address !

Mont-Blanc parachutisme